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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new website!

It has taken a little longer than we expected to get the site up and running, but in the end we are really happy with what we have created.  Thanks to the whole team for their input and work on the site.

I encourage all of you to check things out.  In addition to biographical information, there is information on how to commission new works, information on SIMPATICO!, a complete listing of all of my work, timings, orchestrations/voicings, recordings if available, and how to purchase them.  Clicking on the JWPepper link will take you directly to the specific piece on the JWPepper site, so that you can preview it and order.

We have also included a LISTEN page, which links you to different recordings on SoundCloud as well as to my YouTube channel.

Finally the COMMISSION OPPORTUNITIES pages present opportunities for you to sign-up and join a number of different commissioning opportunities.  Consortium commissions are great way for you to participate in the creation of new musical works, without baring the entire financial burden yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you and I want to thank you in advance for you all of your support. Please share my site with others and please don’t hesitate to write me.  I continue to stay positive about what I know we can accomplish together!



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