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As an educator, Dr. Darin Lewis as taught every type of course from middle school to college, including Music Theory, Music History, Music Appreciation, band, orchestra, choir, jazz band, marching band, and chamber ensemble. For 19 years, he taught at Horace Mann School, where as chair for 14 year he grew the department, and under his leadership the department developed a multiple-level band program, a multi-level orchestral program, grew middle school level choral opportunities, and expanded the academic portfolio of classes. The program grew to be nationally recognized, and groups from Horace Mann were invited to perform and regional conferences and festivals across Europe. Professor Lewis has taught at Lafayette College and currently teaches at Muhlenberg College and Lehigh University. On the collegiate level, he has lead choirs, orchestras, and bands, and is currently actively involved in teaching Music Theory. Dr. Lewis is passionate about teaching and developing skills in students that they can draw on throughout their lives. Cultivating life skills and social skills is at the core of his teaching philosophy. That desire to incorporate utilitarian values in his teaching influenced his doctoral research, which focuses on adults who participated in high school orchestra and what effect that had on their behaviors as adults. He has been recognized as an outstanding educator and motivator.

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