An Afternoon of Choral Music

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Hello everyone!

I am excited to announce that this Sunday, October 6th, 2019, at 4 pm. in the Recital Hall at Muhlenberg College, I, along with several of my colleagues will be presenting an concert on some of my vocal pieces.

The repertoire for the program will span music written over the past 28 years, from a set of Five Folksongs, which I wrote while studying in England on Rotary Scholarship at the Royal Northern College of Music, to a set of Five Lullabies written in the late 1990’s, as well as a number of sacred compositions that have been commissioned over the past 20 years.

I am fortunate enough to be joined by some incredibly talented people. Ellen Zimmer Lewis, will be singing on the concert along with other Muhlenberg faculty members, Brian Ming Chu, and Christopher Jackson. Our good friend, Dr. Rachelle Fleming, (Temple University) will be joining us as a guest artist.  These four wonderful artists bring such a diverse wealth of experiences and perspectives; it has been a real treat working on these pieces with them.

“Dusting off” a bunch of these songs, taking a fresh look at them, and working on crafting meaningful performances with these talented singers has been very rewarding.  As always when I take a look at a piece(s) I have previously written, there are a few “tweaks” that I want to make. So, in many ways some of the pieces will be given a whole new life on Sunday, which is always exciting.

I invite any and all of you who might be able to attend, to join us on October 6th. There is nothing I like more than sharing music that I have written with people, hoping to move them and touch their hearts. Having the opportunity to do that with these colleagues – these friends, makes this whole experience even more special.


Here’s one of the songs on the program:

How They Sleep

Ellen Zimmer Lewis, voice

Darin Lewis, piano

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