Touring Argentina and Uruguay

From June 10-18 I was on tour in Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Uruguay (Montevideo). We had a great time. You know that they don’t eat a lot of vegetables or fruits — it is all about meat – beef! — I love beef, but this Californian-grown boy loves fruits and vegetables — but found a few good markets and had some wonderful pears…

The concerts were great — the people were so excited to hear classical music and to hear it performed by young people. We were touring with with our choir and our orchestra. Several of the concerts were with other schools – or professional choirs – there is some singing a-goin-on in South America, however, not a lot of orchestra playing. The group I had with me was a solid bunch of students and they really played well — highlights for me were our performance of Tchaikovsky’s String Serenade — it kicked!! Also, we offered several rousing performances of Copland’s Hoe-Down — people love that piece and the reaction was always very exciting to receive.

We also performed a new piece of mine, written for viola solo and small orchestra. Entitled “Arioso” it is a slow, melancholy piece where the melody is present by the viola and is passed around the orchestra. People seemed to really relate to it and that was very gratifying.

The people were always very appreciative and supportive of our efforts. It was a wonderful experience as musical ambassadors. It is a long way from NYC and the flight was not that comfortable; I don’t know when I will be returning, however I am very glad that we had such a wonderful experience. I will try to post some pics soon…

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