Remembering 9/11/01

Remembering today…

It was a beautiful day in New York. Crisp, and sunny, and students had just started back at school. It turned out to be a surreal day…

Ultimately, in response to the tragedies that occurred, I was moved to write two pieces, each reflecting how I felt about the terrible loss we all shared.  In November of 2002, at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, the Horace Mann Chamber Orchestra premiered The Answer. Subsequently I have had the good fortune to perform it throughout Europe and the U.S. I am so happy that it seems to touch the hearts of so many people and that players, both student and professionals enjoy performing it.

For the fourth anniversary, I was music director at Christ Church Riverdale and I was inspired to set the text, attributed to St. Francis: Lord Make Us Servants of Your Peace. It became a piece we would perform a lot, and when I moved to be Minister of Music at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Stamford, Ct., we performed it there as well. I am happy that when I talked to my good friend Richard Weidlich yesterday, he said that they would be singing it to commemorate the day.

I have attached links to both pieces on Soundcloud. I hope you enjoy them.






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