Consortium Commissioning Projects Arrive!

So the fall school year is in full swing, and to go along with this, I am announcing a new initiative on my website:


Basically, a consortium commission allows people to share the costs of commissioning new pieces.

There are a number of advantages of consortium commissioning including:

Making commissioning new music more affordable, making sure the piece has the opportunity to be performed a number of times, introducing the composer’s work to a larger audience and ultimately building long-term relationships between commissioners and composers.

The cost of these commission projects is very affordable, between $100 and $150. Each commissioner will receive a PDF of the work, and a license to print as many copies as they need to perform it. For a choir of 60, this would be the same cost as buying a an already written piece of music from a publisher. Thus, joining in on a consortium commission would have the added benefits of presenting a new work on a concert that is dedicated to your specific group.

There are opportunities to commission new works for Christmas, For general use,

and even in preparation for REFORMATION 500!

There are also several instrumental commissioning projects, including a new work

for flute and string orchestra.

On my website, the different projects are listed, with descriptions of how I envision the pieces to develop, along with the costs, deadlines for signing-up and audio clips of similar types of compositions I have written.

Click Here

I am very excited about the possibilities. I hope that if you read this, you might consider joining one of the projects, and/or, send this to a friend whom you think might be interested.

It continues to prove challenging to get the word out about my compositions. I meet a lot of people and those who hear my music are very supportive, however I am constantly striving to share my compositions with a larger and larger audience. To be successful at that, I need the help and support of all of you.

I thank you in advance for your support!







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